Hearing loss is the one process in which there is no prosthetic for; hearing aids only help what hearing a person has left. People with hearing difficulties accrue permanent hearing loss on a daily basis if left untreated. Once a loss becomes permanent, there is nothing a hearing instrument can do to help (this is why some people who wear hearing instruments still have difficulties hearing, they waited too long to get help).

The hearing loss process is typically 10-15 years in duration, a pain-free process and in the beginning, there are zero signs or symptoms. Hearing loss can only be effectively evaluated with the aid of a computer and people will benefit the most from early diagnosis.

Because of the technologically advanced equipment (otoacoustic scanning technology) we use, we are able to identify hearing deficiencies in patients with Alzheimer’s and Dementia (most mobile providers do not have this capability).

•ENT referrals  
•Maintenance of current hearing aids  
•Ear Cleaning Program
•New Hearing Aids/monogrammed & color coded
*Optional 2-year warranty against loss or damage

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